dijous, 1 de gener de 2015


Aquest tema apareixia al disc que Eric Clapton va publicar l’any 1974, “461 Ocean Boulevard” i va representar la resurrecció musical de Clapton. Aquest mateix tema també va ser interpretat per Allman Brothers Band.

Oh my word, what does it mean?
Is it love or is it me
That makes me change so suddenly?
Looking out, feeling free.

Sit here lying in my bed,
Wondering what it was I'd said
That made me think I'd lost my head,
When I knew I lost my heart instead.

Won't you please read my signs, be a gypsy.
Tell me what I hope to find deep within me.
Because you can find my mind, please be with me.

Of all the better things I've heard,
Loving you has made the words
And all the rest seem so absurd,
'Cause in the end it all comes out unsure.

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