diumenge, 30 d’agost de 2015


Aquesta breu cançó tancava un dels millors discos que va fer Elton John quan feia pop-rock i no simplement pop. El disc era “Madman Across the Water”, el va publicar l’any 1971.

And nowthat it’s all over
The birds can nest again.
I’ll only Snow when the sun comes out,
I’ll shine only when it starts to rain.

And if you want a drink,
Just squeeze my hand and wine will flow into
The land and feed my lambs.

For I am a mirror.
I can reflect the moon.
I will write songs for you.
I’ll be your silver spoon.

I’m sorry I took your time.
I am the poem that doesn’t rhyme
Just turn back a page,
I’ll waste away.
I’ll waste away.
I’ll waste away.

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